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Nyungwe Forest – A Refuge for Rare Birds:

Nyungwe is classified by BirdLife International as an “Important Bird Area” (IBA), which means that the park has “true significance” for the international conservation of bird populations…”
In their fact sheet, they say that Nyungwe is one of the most important forests for conservation of montane birds in the region.

A birder’s paradise, Nyungwe is home to 278 species of birds—26 of those are found only in the few forests of the Albertine Rift.

Grauer’s Rush Warbler is an Albertine Rift endemic that thrives in isolated mountain swamps, such as Kamiranzovou.

Turacos such as this Ruwenzori Turaco are rare elsewhere but abundant in Nyungwe. You are likely to hear their loud repetitive call resonate in the forest.
Spectacular and rare sunbirds, such as the endemic Purple-breasted and Blue-headed can be seen feeding in flowering trees.
The Black and white casqued Hornbill, one of two hornbill species in the park, is known by its huge bill and honking call.

This park is the most important ornithological site in Rwanda. It is increasingly being sought out for the incredible birding opportunities, particularly the numerous albertine rift endemics; the highest concentration found n any single park in Africa. There are more than 240 tree species, more than 140 colorful orchids, 1050 plant types, such as the giant lobelia. Of these plants 250 are albertine rift endemics. Mount bigugu is the highest mountain in the park, reaching an altitude of 2950m. Also with in the park, is the most remote source of the Nile.


Great Blue Turaco – Corythaeola cristata
Ruwenzori Turaco – Tauraco johnstoni
Black-billed Turaco – Tauraco schuetti
Ross’s Turaco – Musophago rossae
Black and White Casqued Hornbill – Bycanistes subcylindricus
Crowned Hornbill – Tockus alboterminatus
Crowned Eagle – Stephanoaetus coronatus
Forest Buzzard – Buteo oreophilus
Handsome Francolin – Francolinus nobilis
Olive Pigeon – Columba arquatrix
Cinnamon-breasted Bee-eater – Merops oreobates
White-headed Wood Hoopoes – Phoeniculus bollei
Blue-Headed Sunbird – Nectarinia regia
Stuhlmann’s Sunbird – Nectarinia afra stuhlmanni
Black-headed Waxbill – Estrilda atricapilla
Olive Thrush – Turdus olivaceus
Slender-billed Chestnut Wing Starling – Onychognathus tenuirostris theresae
White-necked Raven – Corvus albicollis
African Saw-wing – Psalidoprocne pristoptera
Mountain Wagtail – Motacilla clara
Cape Wagtail – Motacilla capensis
Red-throated Alethe – Alehe poliophrys
White-starred Robin – Pogonocichla stellata
Equatorial Akalata – Sheppardia aequatorialis